It is our mission to reimagine inefficiencies in the live ticketing industry.




Together, we are thought leaders in our industry. We are data scientists, data analysts, designers and engineers continuously challenging the status quo to deliver value to our clients.


Values at our core.

Our values reflect our collective passion to work on smart, respectful and collaborative teams. Our core values drive our creative process and influence decision making at all levels of the organization.



If you don't enjoy being at work, what's the point?


Meet some of the team

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Employee Experience Strategist, Paula Moughton-Weems

Building a culture of innovation is a passion of mine. Working in tech, you have to think differently when solving problems and I enjoy this challenge every day. We prioritize personal and professional excellence to achieve our goals. I am proud to advocate for this culture and support our employees to be their absolute best.

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Pricing Analyst, Bryce Cashell

Every day I have the pleasure of working with my team who are full of synergy, success, and laughter. Plus, I get to revel in the excitement and internal reward of successfully selling thousands of tickets for our clients. I’ve lived in Austin for 10 years now, and it still provides so much opportunity to take mini-adventures, listen to new music artists, and try new hobbies.


Data Integrity Specialist, Sunita Dharani

Qcue's family-like structure allows for knowledge sharing that cannot be found elsewhere. I am able to contribute to both sides of the business - looking at the data from our products to improve serving our clients. Our office is in Austin, I enjoy all the galleries the city offers for any kind of art enthusiast... also, too much good food!


Data Scientist, Akhil Ramasagaram

I graduated from DePaul University and moved to Austin to join the Qcue team. My favorite thing about being a Data Scientist at Qcue is using visualizations to try and find patterns in the data that were not known before. I play cricket, pool and sometimes volleyball. Although I'm pretty bad at volleyball.


Our core values


Reimagine everything,

Respect everyone,

Take ownership.


Succeed often,

Fail occasionally,

But do so with intention.

AND Laugh along the way.